Austin Monceret

Austin Monceret

New York, NY Strategic Partnerships at DiligenceVault. MBA from Rawls College of Business. Millennial FinTech Expert.  

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Those SaaSsy Fintech Acronyms

Software as a Service (SaaS) is both a revenue model as well as a computing model. Also known as cloud computing, this method of delivering an...

DV Looks at ESG

As (one of) the millennial(s) on the team, it is only natural I write an article on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). Also from the...

Rethinking Investor Relations Tech

Firms should apply the “zoom out/zoom in” approach to technology investments. The “zoom out” perspective looks at a time horizon of 10 or more years...

Attitudes & Latitudes: Notes from the Tech Side of Investment Management

The investment management industry is known, from the outside, for many things. In a few words: high stakes and important work, high-performing individuals, and long but...

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